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Dr Robert Chase [House, M.D.]
29 December 2020 @ 10:39 am
"This is Dr Robert Chase. I'm not available to take your call right now, but if you would like to leave a message, I'll get in touch as soon as I can."

[Leave any in-character or out-of-character messages for chasemd here]
Dr Robert Chase [House, M.D.]
09 August 2012 @ 10:27 pm
I've decided to follow fellow RP friends to Dreamwidth after giving it a test run myself. Clean slate and all that, and I've even given Chase a shiny new username to celebrate.

From now on, you can find us @ trueaussiedoc

If anyone is already over there, might catch you around the traps :)
Dr Robert Chase [House, M.D.]
22 May 2012 @ 03:47 pm
Perfect end just really couldn't have been more perfect. I fell off the House horse the past two seasons because it changed so much from the original formula, but couldn't miss the last ever episode. It was wonderful, fitting, and even though I was bawling through, as a veteran House fan, I say perfect way to bid farewell to a frankly awesome show ♥

In saying that, I have waited for this day to come for about two years now. The moment where Chase finally gets to dive into the realms of a "post canon" character, and his ending has opened up a realm of possibilities for me that I want to explore. WHY ARE THERE HARDLY ANY GOOD MUSE COMMS LEFT?! Muse writing used to be my favourite way to get my fandom on!

Anyway, will probably see my Chase around more. His voice never left me, it just took a cruisy back seat in favour of my main pup now, Kurt from Glee. I'll leave it to that pair of sassy bitches to battle it out in my head for dominance ;) In the meantime, I'll probably give Chase's journal a complete overhaul and start mostly from scratch.

Also, @faiththatfuelsu - SO SORRY! I only just saw you message to my last post now! I never got a notif for it. Ahhhh, LJ techno-issues, you will always have a special place in my heart too! LJRP just wouldn't be the same without you. But honestly, so great to still see some "old school" muses and muns in the mix! You all always make me feel so nostalgic for the good ol' muse days!
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Dr Robert Chase [House, M.D.]
Holy hell on a horseback, it's been a seriously long fucking time since I had Chase out to play, and let's just say I haven't really watched House since a little after Chase killed that dictator (is it still considered a spoiler years down the track? :P)

I'm going to have him out a bit, but I'm still deciding what I want to do with him as to canon. So, for now, he probably won't reference many canon events beyond that period but he's still working for House in Princeton at Princeton Plainsboro and going about his playboy doctor duties in his lovely Aussie way that I have missed so much. Poor boy had to play second fiddle in my head to a sassy gay bitch for awhile now, so we will see how that warring goes.

If I tagged with you in the past and you're still around, feel free to tag now for old times. Any newbies, I'm very set in my Chase ways and a natural Aussie, sooo... ;)
Dr Robert Chase [House, M.D.]
09 October 2010 @ 10:05 pm
Just want to wish my dear friends, Connor and Jamie (muns of various pups I have RP'd with over the years) a very, very Happy Wedding Day for 10/10/10 at 10.10pm! ;) They met via a House RPG online, and now they tie the knot in real life, Scotland time.

You guys are amazing, and absolute sweethearts! Best wishes and lots of love for your special day. You guys will rock it! Thinking of you!
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Dr Robert Chase [House, M.D.]
29 September 2010 @ 11:58 pm
Dear House writers/producers/creators,

Two eps in and I'm already Bored 101 with House and Cuddy's sex life. Please stop. Give us Old School House back, I beg you. No seriously, I am begging here. I'll get on my knees if need be.

All I want is a bit more Chase. I need something to coax him out from chilling out in my brain. You're giving him NOTHING here. Okay, apparently he is getting something... four somethings, but more than a random passing comment on the fact plz? Kthnx.

Paragraph cut for spoilers...Collapse )

Seriously hanging by a thread as viewer here. Other fandoms give me more shiny and happy in single episodes than House has in three seasons. To think, you were once my One True Fandom Love. Give me a last-ditch hope. Something juicy and Chase-esque to sink my teeth into. A bi curious fling with a hot male nurse, maybe?

Love always,

Extremely Bored Aussie Patriot
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Dr Robert Chase [House, M.D.]
02 September 2010 @ 10:46 pm
LiveJournal, FaceBook and Twitter connected?

What's next? Voice commanded posts direct from your coffee cup? Text messages by the power of a fart?

Some days, I miss my Walkman, rotary dials on a telephone, and handwriting letters...
Mood: cynicalcynical
Dr Robert Chase [House, M.D.]

doctorshowland doctorshowland doctorshowland doctorshowland

An interactive challenge community for everything MD.

4 teams: team_interns, team_nurses, team_specialist, team_surgeons

If you love either House, Grey's Anatomy, ER, Private Practice etc you found home =)

Apply HERE, put your lab coat on and save lives!
Dr Robert Chase [House, M.D.]
11 August 2010 @ 11:31 pm
Found on a House fic finder comm:

LINK: I'm looking for hurt/comfort fics where Chase gets raped and House has helps him heal...with his penis.


I have no words.

No. Words.

Just abruptly odd imagery that I didn't really need at bed time.
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Dr Robert Chase [House, M.D.]
02 August 2010 @ 11:14 pm


[ooc: Win. Just win. Could not resist this after being introduced to the awesome at work a few weeks ago. Sometimes, LJ just produces gold.]
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Dr Robert Chase [House, M.D.]
30 July 2010 @ 02:17 pm

You know, I still have no clue how in the hell you came to be my best friend, but it looks like we're just gonna have to suck it up and deal with it. But don't worry, I know you'll still vehemently deny it whenever we're in public, just like that hot night of drunken and promiscious man se- oops, sorry. Wrong memory.

Anyway, just gotta thank you for being a mate, mate. You might technically hate me deep down, but admit it, you really love me. I mean, you don't cover a murder for just anyone, right? If you do, can you let me know because than I think I seriously need to rethink this best mate thing. Everytime you see me, your heart just skips a beat, right?

And just for the record? You could have made a little more with the talking me out of marrying Cameron thing. Out of everything you had to start supporting me with, why did it have to be this? I don't like being a thirty-something divorcee. Why didn't you encourage me to turn gay or become a Mormon or even turn Jedi? It would have stopped me ending up with this wayward grey pube that is the bane of my existence.

So yeah. BFFs, dude. Just no accidental peeking at the urinal, alright?

You stink.

- Chase
Dr Robert Chase [House, M.D.]
30 July 2010 @ 01:00 pm
Here's the challenge, each day for the next month, write a blog in letter form to the following people:

Day 1 — Your Best Friend
Day 2 — Your Crush
Day 3 — Your parents
Day 4 — Your sibling (or closest relative)
Day 5 — Your dreams
Day 6 — A stranger
Day 7 — Your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend/love/crush
Day 8 — Your favorite internet friend
Day 9 — Someone you wish you could meet
Day 10 — Someone you don't talk to as much as you'd like to
Day 11 — A Deceased person you wish you could talk to
Day 12 — The person you hate most/caused you a lot of pain
Day 13 — Someone you wish could forgive you
Day 14 — Someone you've drifted away from
Day 15 — The person you miss the most
Day 16 — Someone that’s not in your state/country
Day 17 — Someone from your childhood
Day 18 — The person that you wish you could be
Day 19 — Someone that pesters your mind—good or bad
Day 20 — The one that broke your heart the hardest
Day 21 — Someone you judged by their first impression
Day 22 — Someone you want to give a second chance to
Day 23 — The last person you kissed
Day 24 — The person that gave you your favorite memory
Day 25 — The person you know that is going through the worst of times
Day 26 — The last person you made a pinky promise to
Day 27 — The friendliest person you knew for only one day
Day 28 — Someone that changed your life
Day 29 — The person that you want tell everything to, but too afraid to
Day 30 — Your reflection in the mirror

[OOC: Note, these will cross all of Chase's verses, most likely. I also might, occasionally, miss a day or two here or there along the way due to RL schedules and committments, but will play catch-up or post a day in advance.]
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Dr Robert Chase [House, M.D.]
19 July 2010 @ 05:59 pm
LINK: I feel like Chicken Tonight!

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Dr Robert Chase [House, M.D.]
19 July 2010 @ 05:52 pm
A fandom hate meme? Seriously?

Don't people have better things to do with their time then anonymously moan about the fandom tastes that don't appeal to them? If you don't like it, don't stick your nose into it.


/random just saying
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Dr Robert Chase [House, M.D.]
18 June 2010 @ 03:52 pm

Every freaking weekend!

Paid service? FUCKING FAIL.

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Dr Robert Chase [House, M.D.]
18 May 2010 @ 07:29 pm
Hn. Finding myself mostly just indifferent to it.

Didn't find it shocking, didn't find it suspenseful, didn't find it... much of anything, really.

Predictable, maybe? Not going to miss it on the season break.

And welcome back to the land of two lines an ep, Chase.

Maybe I'm just cynical in light of recently falling in love with another medical drama that is like a breath of fresh air for my fandom brain, but hey... at least this time House didn't end the season as a hospital patient of some sort.
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Dr Robert Chase [House, M.D.]
30 March 2010 @ 08:53 pm
LINK: Have the urge to moon someone.
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