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Dr Robert Chase

"I went to Med School too..."

Dr Robert Chase [House, M.D.]
5 August 1977
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Age: 30
Date of birth: 5th August, 1977
Physical appearance: Blond hair, blue eyes, 5'10" tall
Sexuality: Bisexual
Occupation: Head of Surgical
Place of work: Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital
Hobbies: Playing piano, reading sci-fi or crime fiction
Likes: Comedy movies, comedians, pizza, nice clothes, Calvin Klein Be cologne, classic rock music, sex, coffee, working out
Dislikes: Being led on, his father, cake with jam, soap operas

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Son of Rowan and Louise, Chase grew up in Melbourne, Australia. He came from a wealthy family, his father being a world famous doctor in his own right, and he was an only child that wanted for nothing. However, Chase’s upbringing was not all hearts and flowers. Chase’s father walked out on his family when Chase was only a teenager and forced Chase to shoulder the burden of his mother’s alcoholism, which she eventually died from.

Chase’s relationship with his father rapidly disintegrated following this, leading Chase to believe that his father just did not care about him. These feelings continued in Chase right up until his father visited Chase in America, and they parted ways with still much tension in their relationship. Chase later learned his father had died of a terminal illness; a fact his father had failed to reveal to Chase at the time of his visit. Chase was devastated that he had lost any chance with his father, but realised he would always hate his father for everything he did to him. Prior to his death, Chase’s father had cut Chase from his will, leaving Chase with nothing by way of inheritance, and this was the nail in the coffin of any possible remnants of respect Chase had for his father.

Chase studied medicine the University of Melbourne’s School of Medicine and worked briefly at a local hospital where he gained his specialty in Intensive Care. He saw the advertisement for the job at Princeton Plainsboro in a medical journal and decided the time had come for him to close the book on his difficult and emotional life in Melbourne and make a fresh start for himself. Although it is believed Chase got the job with House through his father’s influence, this is not true, and it was his own accomplishments and merits that scored him the position. Still, Chase finds it very difficult to shake the “rich boy” image and it frustrates him to be judged on his background and his father’s reputation.

First and foremost, Chase believes in taking advantage of every situation. His job is the most important thing in his life, and he will do whatever he thinks he needs to keep it. On the outside, Chase appears as a somewhat vain person, who puts a lot of stock into how he looks and presents himself. Although he does care about materialistic things like nice clothes and a neat appearance, his inner values run much deeper.

For a very long time, his career has been the only thing in his life. The demands of the job have prevented him getting too deeply involved with anyone, and any relationships he has had have fallen apart when he has struggled to maintain a happy balance between his work and personal life. Deep down, he does yearn for a family and wants to be a father one day, but he knows now is not the time. This doesn’t stop him occasionally wondering when – or if – the time will ever be right. Because of this, Chase enjoys being around children and will often unintentionally forge a connection with his younger patients.

Chase has a wicked sense of humour, and this often shows itself when he is amused by House’s ill-timed or ill-mannered jokes. His laid-back Aussie background means he can find humour in things others don’t always see.

Although House professes to have only hired Chase because his “father made a phone call”, Chase has more than proved his competency as a doctor over his time working under House. Chase’s yearning to please House would sometimes drive his determination to find answers and had been known to lead to disappointment on Chase’s behalf when House doesn’t acknowledge his efforts or accomplishments. House recently fired Chase out of the blue for seemingly no reason, citing “It’s time for a change” as an excuse. Chase was bewildered by it at first, but soon came to realise that, despite loving the job, it wasn’t the end of everything. Maybe House had been right. It was time for a change. He moved on and was soon rehired by Dr Cuddy to Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital’s surgical team as an Attending Surgeon.

It’s just a known fact that Chase and House’s relationship is always going to be a complicated one. Despite everything, Chase still remains fiercely loyal to House and often ends up agreeing with House’s determinations, or siding with House in opinions. Chase is observant and always tended to think outside the box when he worked to solve cases during his time on the Diagnostics team. He regularly relied on his own past experiences during differential diagnoses, and he will be the first to admit he has been involved in more shadier or risky activities over the years, though no one really knows what.

Outside of work, Chase enjoys a carefree social life. When he feels like it, he likes going out for a few drinks, or frequenting nightclubs to let his hair down after his tough and long hours at work. Though at other times, he’s just as satisfied to stay home and watch television and eat pizza. Chase likes to have a good laugh, and is not opposed to teasing people for his own amusement. He just doesn’t like being on the other end of it.

Above all else, Chase just wants to be recognised as a good doctor and to help his patients the best way he knows how, even if his tactics can sometimes be an underlying mechanism to protect himself.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usMAIN VERSE (CHASE/ROGUE)

Tag: [verse] main (chase/rogue) / princeton2nyc universe

This verse deviates from House, M.D. canon events after at the end of Season 3. It stems from the private RPG princeton2nyc and Chase is linked to all fellow muses in that unverse who are from a mix of fandoms as well as original characters.

After attempting an exclusive relationship with ex-colleague, Allison Cameron they realised that although they love each other as good friends, they weren't "in love" (albeit coming to this conclusion after a fiery argument) and probably never were. Despite that, they remained best friends, shared an aparmtent and enjoyed a ‘friends with benefits’ relationship. Chase also spent a couple of nights with James Wilson when Wilson did some soul-searching regarding his sexuality.

This continued until Chase met Marie "Rogue" D'Ancanto online one day and fell into some fun and flirty conversations with her. They met face-to-face at a Red Carpet event and subsequently got up to naughty things right there on the Red Carpet. After seeing each other casually for a few months, they began dating exclusively. Things took an unexpected turn for the worst when Rogue accidentally fell pregnant but lost the baby when she was horrifically beaten up on duty for the X-Men. Despite originally panicking over facing the unplanned pregnancy, during their grief over losing the baby, both realised how much they would've liked to have started a family together. Chase subsequently asked Rogue to move in with him and they have just recently decided to buy a house together.

At the end of May 2008, Chase and Rogue took a trip to the Bahamas. All seemed innocent on the face of it but behind the scenes, Chase had been secretly planning a bells and whistles romantic night to propose to Rogue on their holiday. Prior to that, he faced a disaster where he got drunk and bought an horrific engagement ring that he had to return once he realised his poor taste in the cold sober light of the morning after. Instead, on a trip to New York to ask Logan's permission for Rogue to marry him, he went to Tiffany's and found a perfect Princess cut diamond for his girlfriend. Unfortunately, the plans went awry when Chase lost the ring on the holiday and proceeded to spend days acting oddly while he stressed over the lost diamond, leading Rogue to think he was about to break up with her because of her skin. They ended up having a fiery argument and when Rogue ran out out onto the beach, Chase followed her and in a spur of the moment thought, got down on one knee in the damp sand and proposed to her - bells and whistles not included. She happily accepted. The following day, Rogue found the ring and Chase finally had the chance to give it a second shot and get it right. They married on September 6th 2008 at their new home in Princeton, New Jersey. On St Patrick's Day in March, 2009, Chase and Rogue welcomed their first child, a daughter, Mia Louise Chase.


Image Hosted by ImageShack.usAFRAID TO RUN VERSE

Tag: [verse] afraid to run (chase/peter)

"A hero is a man who is afraid to run away."
English Proverb

This verse is a House, M.D. and Heroes crossover written Peter Petrelli muse imgrounded. It was inspired and created by writing the Chase/Peter ship in etrelibre_rpg. This verse picks up for Chase directly after House, M.D. episode 6x09 "Ignorance is Bliss", so there will be A LOT of Season 6 spoilers, especially in regards to Chase's canon. The first prompt in the verse is packed full of spoilers. A lot has happened to him this Season, and unlike his other verses, this new verse is going to be where we try to see into Chase's head regarding it. The verse is called Afraid to Run, inspired by the above English Proverb, and relates to both Chase and Peter's canon (especially with regards to Chase's relationship with Cameron and what happens in Season 6).

It begins with THIS PROMPT, where Peter saves Chase's life when he tries to drown his sorrows following the events of early Season 6.

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.usYOU RELLY GOT ME VERSE

Tag: [verse] you really got me (chase/cuddy)

Girl, you really got me goin'
You got me so I don't know what I'm doin'

You Really Got Me - The Kinks

This verse is my guilty pleasure with a ship I have always wanted to dip toes into as a House fan and House roleplayer: Chase/Cuddy

It begins with an obscure online conversation and a slight hint of sperm insecurity. It turns into Cuddy becoming a cougar and Chase getting over his split with Cameron by dipping his stethoscope into uncharted bossly territory...

Picks up mid-Season 6 after Cameron has left, placing Chase firmly back on the market. Chase's Cuddy is ihavehisballs.

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.usCANON VERSE

Tag: [verse] canon (episodic)

In this verse, Chase is strictly canon and any prompts written will stem from events occuring in the episodes of House, M.D. spanning the entirety of Seasons 1 to 5. The Chase written in this verse is stemmed from soley canon events and facts and will exist in prompts only. The episode Chase is referring to in any responses within this verse will be noted accordingly.


Image Hosted by ImageShack.usETRE LIBRE RPG

Tag: verse: etrelibre (rpg)

In etrelibre_rpg, Chase arrived on the island of Etre Libre during House, M.D. episode 3x24 "Human Error" immediately after House fired him. As he is leaving Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital after emptying his locker, he pauses at the main entrance to try and gather his thoughts. On the next heartbeat, he found himself on Etre Libre's beach and resort. He has been there over a year now and runs the island's Medical Centre.


Want to join Chase on the island of Etre Libre? Go HERE for more info.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usCHARACTER NOTES & DISCLAIMER

This is an RPG journal for character Dr Robert Chase of the House, M.D. fandom. I do not own the character of Dr Robert Chase and am making no profit from this journal. The character of Dr Robert Chase is owned by Fox and is the property of Universal Studios. No harm or copywrite infringement is intended.

chasemd is played with with a canon background up to Episode 9 of Season 4 of House, M.D. and therefore this journal will contain spoilers for Season 4. Beyond that episode, Chase's canon accuracy may change depending on what occurs for his character in future House, M.D. episodes.


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